• Xplor

    Everything has changed.

The next generation of education.

Forever changing the way people experience learning. Xplor lets you do things that were never possible before.

A deeper connection.

An easy-to-read dashboard of your child’s health and medication data. The Xplor app lets you keep all your child’s health and medication information in one place on your device and under your control. The information generated about your child is yours to use and share. You decide what information is placed in Health. When your phone is locked with a passcode or Touch ID, all of your health and medication data is encrypted.

Everything in one place.

Xplor is the world’s most advanced education platform, and it’s changing everything we thought we knew. It comes with a collection of features that let you do the everyday things, and the not-so-everyday things, in ways that are intuitive, simple, and fun.

Xplor was designed to be easy to understand. The simple-yet-beautiful timeline invites you to discover your child’s milestones. So right away, you’re browsing your favourite photos, paying your bills and connecting with educators. And no matter what you’re doing you are connected.

Built in features.

An ever-expanding collection of features make Xplor even more powerful, innovative, and a joy to use.