A childcare experience you’ve
never experienced.
Until now, childcare was a burden. You had to do all the work, signing in, chasing up, and finding statements. Xplor is designed to take the work out of childcare. It’s an experience that makes you feel like you’re interacting directly with your child, even though it feels that they are on the other side of the world. parents
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The school experience.
When used purposefully, technology enhances the education experience. By streamlining certain tasks, teachers can spend more quality time with students, schools and classrooms can run more efficiently, and parents can quickly and easily communicate with teachers. We believe technology can never replace human relationships or experiential, in-person learning. Instead, it is a tool to support the growth of each individual student.
The connected experience.

Xplor allows parents to quickly and easily manage logistics and scheduling, whether that’s communicating with their child’s teacher or reporting an absence. It also provides important resources, like weekly calendars, photos, videos and important health information.

Simple billing. Xplor connects you with the data you need to improve business results.
And the impact is extraordinary.

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Live communication. Education professionals are accustomed to reform. Change is just about the only constant in education. But how do you make sure government reform and changing policies don’t damage your bottom line?

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Essential parents tools. Xplor is filled with a collection of essential parenting tools you’ll use
everyday, like photos, videos, payments, health and more.
Photos & Videos You’ve never experienced childcare quite like this. Xplor helps you rediscover favourite and forgotten moments. And advanced search technology lets you find, share and remaster your photos in entirely new ways.
Health Xplor Health makes it easy to keep tabs on a wide array of data that matters to you and your children — from medication and brain development, to weight and sleep records.
Payments With your mobile device, you can pay your childcare fees instantly. No more chasing invoices, no more worry. Instant payments and an easy way to manage your investment.
Bookings Schedule extra days, holidays and more with a single tap. Your childcare centre will be notified instantly of your change and you will know they have read it.
Learning Xplor expands what’s possible inside the classroom and beyond. Xplor opens up new opportunities for learning. Stay uo-to-date with important learning your child is engaging in.
Chat Communicate with parents and educators in multiple languages with photos and videos. Know when your message has been read and schedule messages to be sent when you are ready.
Xplor your pregnancy. Take the guess work out of parenting and jump the
childcare waitlist, with exclusive Xplor access.
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