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Go beyond the screen. Xplor’s augments your day with useful information for learning. Relevant
digital information about the child you are educating as well as a great way
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Benjamin Paul Benjamin loves the outdoors and is a very active boy. He sometimes mistakes himself for a superhero.
Child Profiles Quickly capture the children in your photo, and provide important information to parents so you can focus on teaching.
carrot Carrot There are due to be harvested in two weeks
LOC 4.4 Children resource their own learning through connecting with people, place, technologies and natural and processed materials.
Deep Learning Tag things children are interacting with as well as select learning outcomes related to their interactions.
Melbourne 26° The UV rating is 6. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on and encourage your children to wear a hat.
Safety Information Xplor will help you remember some of the things you might forget. UV ratings, weather predictions as well as some handy hints that will save you lots of time.
Xplor Centre of Xcellence. Xplor recognises incredible services and schools who are doing incredible things. Meet some Centres of Xcellence. We designed the Xplor Xcellence programme to help you build skills and stay inspired. You’ll discover new ways to enhance creativity and productivity by unlocking the magic of technology in your service. You’ll get news and fresh ideas, featuring real stories, product tips, and great educational apps. You’ll receive an official Xplor Xcellence logo that you can share with the world. Apply

When children explore the world through their passions and are challenged at the right pace, learning becomes engaging and fun. We believe a child’s education should reflect their uniqueness. Each student at Genius has a personalized learning plan, based on their current knowledge across all academic areas, individual goals, and interests.

A connected experience.
Through Xplor, educators at Genius curate relevant individual and group activities that support each student’s goals and needs. Educators assess student progress on an ongoing basis to keep students challenged and help them grow.
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Earth's Mightiest Educators join forces to change the future of education.
Challenges that are too big for any one hero to tackle.
The League of Heroes has come to be regarded as Earth's No. 1 team.
Daws Road ELC Recognition, paperwork and breaking
Bridge Road ELC The love of working with diverse
Daphne Childcare Loving what you do.
Australian Childcare Associatio We speak to Paul and David from the
Australian Childcare Association.
It’s not work when it’s your
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